Backlog in firearms renewal eliminated

by Jeff Helsdon | September 11, 2023

The backlog in renewal of firearms licenses is under control.

“The Canadian Firearms Program (CFP) can confirm that there are no processing backlogs for renewals,” said Marie-Eve Breton, media relations officer for the RCMP.

In the wake of COVID-19, there were delays in processing applications, with many renewal applicants complaining of delays of six months to a year. Breton said in early July there was no backlog.

She explained all PAL applications “must be rigorously reviewed for any potential public-safety concerns identified in the information provided by the applicants.”

Still, some applications may take longer than others. Breton said review by the Chief Firearms Officer, missing information, inaccurate information, and the quality of the photo can delay processing times. Some Ontario applicants report further investigation can add weeks to the application processing time. 

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  1. Bernard Parker wrote: That’s fake news if I ever heard it. I sent my renewal in Feb 2023. Here we are Oct 2023 and still nothing. 8 months and counting. Just an absolute joke of an outfit.