Ask A CO: What ID do I need while fishing?

by Editorial Staff | March 10, 2022
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Q: Do I have to carry my paper licence summary with me when I’m just fishing or is my Outdoors Card enough? Do I only need to carry my licence summary with me when hunting anything other than small game?

Toby Gilbert, Stayner

A: If you have a three-year fishing licence embossed on the back of your Outdoors Card, you do not need to carry a licence summary in addition to the card while fishing. The same is true if you have a valid one-year fishing licence embossed on the back; during the year that licence is valid, you do not have to carry a licence summary with you while fishing.
If you have a valid Outdoors Card with an expired fishing licence on the back, you would have to carry the card plus the new licence summary showing your valid fishing licence while fishing.

The same thing applies to hunting. If you have a valid small game licence embossed on the back of your Outdoors Card (either a one-year or a three-year licence) and you are hunting only small game that does not require a tag (i.e., you are not hunting wild turkey or wolf or coyote in the areas where a tag is required), then you only need to carry the Outdoors Card with the licence on the back. If you are hunting wild turkey, wolf, or coyote in an area where a tag is required, or big game (moose, deer, elk, or black bear), then you would have to carry your Outdoors Card and your licence summary.

ANSWER BY: David Critchlow,
Provincial Enforcement Specialist, NDMNRF

Your Outdoors Card is still your primary licence when fishing and hunting. If the specific licences printed on the back have expired, or you have new ones not shown, carry your Licence Summary as well.

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