Ask a CO: Am I permitted to keep an arrow in my quiver for small game during bows-only deer season?

by Editorial Staff | October 19, 2022

Q: Am I permitted to keep arrows in my quiver with a small-game point during bows-only deer season? Occasionally I see rabbits while bowhunting, but I don’t want to waste a broadhead on small game.

Howard Margolian, Stittsville

A: Yes, an archery hunter may have arrows with small-game points while bowhunting for deer during a bows-only season for deer. The hunter could do the same while bowhunting for moose during a bows-only moose season. There is no restriction on the type of arrowhead that may be carried, but only arrows at least 600 millimetres long with heads at least 22 millimetres at its widest point and with two sharp cutting edges may be used to hunt big game or wild turkey.

ANSWER BY: David Critchlow, Provincial Enforcement Specialist, MNRF

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Originally published in the 2021-2022 Ontario OUT of DOORS Hunting Annual. Ask a CO is also a regular feature in the print edition.

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  1. Kosh Ken wrote: This is quite interesting as approximately 20 years ago we were moose hunting during bow season between Hearst & Longlac and one of our friends from the area was stopped on his ATV by a CO and given a ticket for having a bolt with a field point on it amongst the other bolts with broad heads within his crossbow quiver. He explained to the CO that the bolt with the field point was used to unload his crossbow at the end of the hunt. The CO then clarified that a quiver with bolts or arrows have to have a broad head legal for the intended game for the simple reason that if you happen to grab a bolt (or arrow) for a second shot, whatever bolt you grab will have the correct (legal) tip for the game you are hunting.