Ammo supply still spotty

by Jeff Helsdon | October 12, 2021
hunting ammo

This hunting season, ammunition availability should improve but could still be limited due to consumer demand and the impact of COVID-19.

Demand remains up

Adam Patterson, marketing manager for the Alberta-based Korth Group, which imports Hornady ammunition, said some calibres, such as 6.5 PRC remain on backorder, but overall, the situation is a little brighter.

“Ammo supply is slightly improving for many brands,” he said. “Ammo and components are shipping through the sales channels from manufacturer to distributor to dealer. However, consumer demand is such that minimal inventory is sitting on shelves at the dealer and distributor level.”

Raw material shortages

Wes Winkel, president of the Canadian Sporting Arms and Ammunition Association, said the situation with the ammunition shortage fell “somewhere between economic disaster and catastrophic.” He said COVID-driven shortages of raw materials such as lead, copper, and glycerine are making it difficult for manufacturers. Although the manufacturers are running full out, production is still often not as high as normal due to social distancing. On top of that, the increase in new gun owners is adding pressure. Winkel said panic buying in Canada is making the problem worse.

Many of the manufacturers said it was too early to predict what the future holds. Patterson, however, said, “Our estimation is that ammo and components will remain in high demand for at least another year, so it is best to plan for your product needs. I suggest consumers looking for their favourite round or components place orders with their preferred dealer to increase their chances of sourcing the product they need.”

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  1. Kristopher Dicks wrote: Why doesn’t Canada make their own product we Have the product to make it already some area in Canada have or had made gun powder ship It to USA then sell it to Canada for double the price. Canada needs to start production our own product gas, materials, ammo stop depending on others to supply our own needs