2021 Hunter Survey

by Editorial Staff | September 25, 2020
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  1. wayne king wrote: Great organization, keep up the good work
  3. Caleb Dereski wrote: Often buy equipment online from the manufacturer
  4. Chris dowsling wrote: Thanks for the opportunity, like your organization
  5. IAN LAUGHLAND wrote: Sure hope I win. :))))
  6. Nekoda Sabourin wrote: I really love this magazine it has tought me so much. I dont have a hunting mentore to learn from so just about everything that I know/learned has came from the magazinens I've got over the years.
  7. Amos Bange wrote: Good morning
  8. Randy Wilson wrote: love reading your magazines
  9. Ralph wrote: Enjoy the articles in the magazine.
  10. Jeff Helsdon wrote: Keep up good work
  11. Cameron bell wrote: I normally purchase gear directly from the company that sells it on line
  12. Taylor Stewardson wrote: Keep up the great work, thanks!
  13. doe wrote: great holidays great prizes!
  14. Blaine Rideout wrote: Big game calibre- 303 British and 7.62x54R are faves It’s an impossible chore to find any private land to hunt on in Ontario, and any crown land within three hours of the GTA is overrun with people. Big game tag (I.e.moose) is a pipe dream in Ontario too Government restrictions won’t end until hunting ends, the liberals hate hunters.