Fishing Survey 2020

by Editorial Staff | September 25, 2020
This survey is now closed. Thank you for your participation.

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  1. Steve Carkner wrote: Surprised that buying fishing gear online wasn't an option!
  2. wayne king wrote: Love your mag., I was on the cover january, 1978
  3. Larry Hope wrote: Great magazine, great social media. Thanks for the excellent all around magazine.
  4. Wayne King wrote: Your service to the outdoors persons is most appreciated. Keep up the good work
  5. Shawn Wheeler wrote: Long time subscriber
  6. Jim Williams wrote: I would like an article for a person just starting to get into fishing.
  7. Ian Cooper wrote: Too bad municipalities are closing pier access to fishing. Outdoor activities being curtailed to meet the needs of a small number (mainly marina boat owners/operators) is unfair to those of us that just want to get out for a few hours shore fishing especially in the fall.
  8. Andrew Crook wrote: great magazine still like the print copy
  9. Warren Knight wrote: Your magazine covers almost all my interests.
  10. Ralph Schmidt wrote: I have so missed getting out fishing this year because of having a compromised immune system. With no one to help launch and trailer the boat I have gone to a little private lake from shore. Certainly not the same as going with friends and family. Fingers crossed for next year to be much better. Keep up the good work you do.
  11. Jeremy Theobald wrote: I buy so much more gear online. Flabbergasted that that option isn't listed in the survey
  12. Caleb Dereski wrote: Online direct from manufacturer is also a popular purchasing option
  13. Nekoda Sabourin wrote: i love this magazine, it has taught me alot and has certainly helped me catch more fish!
  14. Todd Peat wrote: Love the mag, only reason I like checking mail once a month Keep it up !@
  15. Kevin O'Dair wrote: I like both the digital and paper subscriptions.
  16. David Judge wrote: Do I need to comment to submit my survey responses? Very unclear on website
    • Meghan Sutherland wrote: While it isn't necessary to comment for your survey to be submitted, we have been appreciating all the feedback. :)
  17. Terry Dubois wrote: All of the above.
  18. Jeff Helsdon wrote: Keep up the good work
  19. Kate wrote: Thanks for what you guys do :)
  20. Dean Howard wrote: I try and support the local shops for fishing tackle where ever I am , more knowledgeable when I have questions
  21. Peter Corcoran wrote: Each issue is exciting and we always look forward to learning new tricks to catch a variety of sport fish whatever the season!
  22. Jami Roy wrote: I am new into fishing..looking forward to spring!
  23. Jami Roy wrote: I love all the information here!
  24. Joe HERZIG wrote: I enjoy the how to articles as well as where to go information
  25. Alan Kidd wrote: Have been purchasing the magazine for years! Always something new to learn and a huge amounts of different topics covered. Great magazine and it covers the CANADIAN market!!!!
  26. Joe Lupiani wrote: Enjoyed the survey.
  27. Randy Vaine wrote: Love your magazine, avid reader, can't wait to receive it each month.
  28. Randy Lipskie wrote: Keep up the good work
  29. Taylor Stewardson wrote: Great magazine, love when it shows up in the mail
  30. Antonio Poirier wrote: Love reading the OOD magazine. Keeps me up to date on all outdoor information.
  31. Joe Watson wrote: All my equipment is old, getting too old to launch boat.
  32. DEREK MCLOUGHLIN wrote: I would really like to see more anglers practicing catch and release.This is absolutely crucial to keeping fishing in ontario abundant.
  33. Amon Martin wrote: had a good fishing year
  34. Jim Lidster wrote: always a great read for our family
  35. Jim Lidster wrote: always great read and information