Trail Cam Photo Contest 2023 winners

by Editorial Staff | December 4, 2023

OOD’s annual Trail Cam Photo Contest provided hundreds of Ontario wildlife snapshots to choose three winners from, each of whom will receive three Bushnell prizes. 

We’re pleased to announce this year’s winners below.

Top three winners

First place – Peter Corcoran of Iroquois Falls

Peter wins a Bushnell CORE™ DS-4K No Glow Trail Camera x3 for “In the meadow.”

Second place – Dan Bennett of Sarnia

Dan wins a Bushnell CORE™ S-4K No Glow Trail Camera x3 for “Bear in contemplation.”

Third place – Anita Watts of Lakehurst

Anita wins a Bushnell CELLUCORE™ 20 Low Glow Cellular Trail Camera x3 for “Breakfast bribes.”

Honourable mentions

OOD’s honourable mentions include photo submissions that received the most votes after the top three. Remember, if you make the Top 25 next year, share the long list with your friends and family so they can vote to help move you up.

Rob Campbell’s deer and fawn walk.
Mark Ristow’s deer frolic in the snow.
Curtis Cartier’s turkey photo bomb.

Submission funnies

Every year OOD receives submissions that are funny, albeit sometimes risqué. Here is a sampling of this year’s crop.

Doug Wonders
Ryan Betts
Tom Freethy

Thanks again to all who submitted and shared their wildlife with us. We always enjoy them!

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