Trail Cam Photo Contest 2020

by Editorial Staff | October 30, 2020
2020 Trail Cam Photo Contest

The Ontario OUT of DOORS 2020 Trail Cam Photo Contest is now underway, once again offering participants a chance to win one of three new Bushnell trail cameras.

Entrants who complete the online ballot can submit as many as two photos per entry until 10 a.m. on Monday, Nov. 16, 2020.

Voting on the top 25 photos as selected by the magazine editorial team will then take place from Friday, Nov. 20, 2020 at 4 p.m. until Monday Nov. 30, 2020 at 4 p.m.

Last year’s winning photograph featured a rafter of turkeys.

2019 Winner: Guy Buckley’s Rafter of Turkeys

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For full official contest rules and regulations, click here

You can always enter your photos in our weekly online Memory Bank for a chance to win Photo Friday prizes by clicking here

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  1. Rene Ladouceur wrote: Bears in Gogama are allways entertaining!
  2. Michael Hutchins wrote: The pictures were taken from cameras set up in two adjoining fields. Wood ducks flying to nest early in the morning. The hen decided to sit in my blind for over an hour but was called away to be with the Tom which you can see in the background. My cameras have caught flydowns, coyotes stalking, and a hawk attack on a tom. Nature is wonderful.
  3. Garry Irving wrote: Always look forward to the fall & tail camera action
  4. Peter Page wrote: I tried to put my name in the description but then the pic was to big Hope it’s ok
    • Meghan Sutherland wrote: Peter, We received your photos, thanks for submitting!
  5. Barry Gillies wrote: Big Bull!!
  6. Barry Gillies wrote: Big Curious Bull Moose
  7. shawn bartlett wrote: This peacock has been hanging out with our Toms all year long. We don't know where it came from but we see it regularly in Essex county on our property
  8. Alan Kidd wrote: White Tail stopped and looked directly into my trail at the back of my pasture. The red tail fox had a den under our shed. On one pic she headed north. The other pic she is heading back south with a rabbit to feed her crew of 4 pups!
  9. Larry Wilkieson wrote: It's as if they're posing for me!
  10. Calvin Rimkey wrote: Buck in velvet Nice rack!! We get a ton of photos but this one is rare!! How many deer?
  11. matt kinnear wrote: As the coyote walks past the camera and a picture is captured, look closely, four bucks were caught in the background watching the coyote.
  12. Phil Hammell wrote: This one came looking for the doe. The other 3 bucks that showed up where no match.
  13. Amy Newport wrote: This trail cam photo was taken by our late great friend and avid outdoorsman Pat Wagner. A couple of winters ago he had two wolverines that came to visit his trail cams often, he affectionately named them Wilma and Wally and figured they were a mating pair. This photo captures one of them coming for a midnight snack.
  14. Blake jeffray wrote: Red hot hot on the trail ...2 very red coyotes picking up scents and 2nd photo is fall harvest colours of fall ..both photos were takin in similar area from same field
  15. Shawn beers wrote: These 2 young bucks where fighting over who ate the last apple!
  16. Garrett Clifford wrote: Brechin Ontario, Mother and Calf - Mother looking directly at the camera. Brechin Ontario, Mother and Fawn - Spotted fawn exploring while mother has a meal.
  17. Thomas Foster wrote: I told you not to look at the camera!