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Tim Allard smallmouth
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Traversing The Bronzeback Corridor for smallmouth

Traversing the giant smallmouth wonderland of eastern Lake Ontario and the St. Lawrence River will reward anglers.

Scott McGuigan holding Lake St. Clair walleye
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Lake St. Clair: a fishery on fire

Change a few lyrics around and Alicia Keys’ anthem hit, “Girl on Fire” could easily be an ode to the great fishing happening on Lake St. Clair.

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Genetic mussel solution examined

Two separate initiatives are examining methods of genetic control, which would target a specific invasive mussel species.

a large cargo boat with ballasts
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New ballast-water regulations applauded

New ballast-water regulations aim to stop spread of invasive species in Canada. Sea-going vessels have been held responsible in the past.

Fish wasting in Great Lakes' depths due in part to algae blooms
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Fish wasting in Great Lakes’ depths

Fish populations are declining in all but one of the Great Lakes, due in part to invasive species, says The Great Lakes Science Advisory Board (SAB).

app - Alison Kirkpatrick and Jeff Leal,
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New app for tracking invasive species

Anglers and hunters concerned about invasives like Asian carp, giant hogweed and zebra mussels can now report their sightings via mobile device.

great lakes ecosystems - zebra mussels
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Great Lakes ecosystems undergoing dramatic changes

A new U.S. Geological Survey report finds that invasive species are a likely cause.