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bait trap
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Fixing new bait rules

In case you haven’t heard, the Ministry implemented a new Bait Management Strategy (BMS) at the start of 2022.

Rubber Worms and steelhead
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Appreciating rubber worms

It’s truly amazing just how many different species of fish will eat rubber worm, from largemouth bass to steelhead to pike and panfish.

walleye on a green lure
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Going green for walleye

Fishing a greenish bait gives me confidence on many waterbodies. Logically, I know it matches many types of walleye forage.

a jumping worm in a hand
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Jumping worms threaten Ontario forests

Invasive species experts are sounding alarms with the arrival of an earthworm that could menace Ontario’s forests.

Vivian Heaton Bass
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Avid bass angler catches Kawartha giant

Vivian Heaton of Lindsay caught and released a personal-best largemouth bass in late September of 2019, not knowing it was a special catch.

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Boat more walleye with artificial worms

When it comes to soft baits, worm profiles regularly put walleye in my boat. Fish can’t resist the thin silhouette and wispy action.

Jeff Gustafson
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Just add meat as bait

OOD’s Jeff Gustafson illustrates when and how to fish with minnows, leeches, and crawlers as bait when targeting trophy walleye.

Panfish Ontario | Panfish Fishing Tips | Canada Fishing Magazine
Ice Fishing
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4 Plastics to catch more panfish on ice

Tim Allard shares fours soft plastics that are essential baits for ice fishing crappie, perch, and sunfish.

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Catch your own bait

Learn the best methods for catching your own live bait, your wallet will thank you.