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wind turbines in the water
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Wind turbine concerns

Icebreaker Windpower Inc. is planning a wind turbine development 10 miles off the shore of Cleveland, Ohio.

Deer Hunting Cartoon
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Debunking deer-hunting myths

Those of us who are deer hunters all have pet theories we toss around. Here are my thoughts on some common deer-hunting myths.

Bowhunting Aim
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Extending your range

Archery equipment is better than ever. If you become proficient, there is no reason why you cannot extend your current range.

Duck Hunting In Bad Weather
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Return safely from waterfowling

Be safe on your next over-water experience and return home safely by following these danger prevention tips.

Man Holding A Bass Fish Horizontal 2
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Winning with wind

Wind can be a curse, but it can also rescue a slow day. Turn that curse into a blessing by using wind to your advantage.

crappie fishing
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Spring crappies – when the wind can be your friend

Coping with conditions can be key to fishing success