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Feds fund migratory birds

Woodcock are among the migratory birds that will benefit from nearly $2 million in federal funding over the next three years.

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Revisit pheasant hunt cancellation, hunters ask

Hunters want the Grand River Conservation Authority to revisit its decision to cancel the pheasant hunt program at Conestogo Lake.

a hunter is in the woods, hunting grouse

Hunting grouse in all the right places

As in any good grouse cover, pay particular attention to those little openings…find those and you’ll often bump a bird.

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Teach your dog hand signals

They couldn’t see each other, but I could see them — the skunk and my bird dog — on a collision course on opposite sides of a little rise.

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Norfolk pheasant program successful

The Long Point Fish and Game Club says its first year running the Norfolk County pheasant release program was a success.

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No sandhill crane hunt

Ontario will not open a sandhill crane hunt, but there will be a federal study to determine ways to mitigate the agricultural damage they do.

upland - grouse

Setting up for better upland shots

For most upland grouse hunters, an ideal day afield would include many flushes — the more, the merrier, in fact. I don’t see it exactly that way.

Make your own upland jerk meal
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Upland Jerk – great with grouse or pheasant

‘Jamaican me hungry’… give this recipe a try

forgotten game bird - Hungarian-partridge
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Huns: Ontario’s forgotten game bird

Talk to any upland gunner about bird hunting in Ontario and these days, it’s a rare hunter who mentions Hungarian partridge.