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2021 Hunter Survey results

The 2021 Hunter Survey drew hundreds of participants back in October, and the results are here. Keep your eyes open for our next campaign.

outsmarting clever bucks
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Outsmarting clever bucks

Understanding how big bucks use different features in their environment is key to outsmarting pressured whitetails.

firearm encased in a gun sock, leaning against a tree
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Ask a CO: Is a gun inside a gun sock considered encased when walking to your stand?

Ask a CO takes Ontario OUT of DOORS readers’ questions and utilizes the knowledge of Conservation Officers to find the answers.

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How to take the perfect bow shot on deer

I think many of us would agree that the most important moment in any bow hunt is the shot. For this is the culmination of your efforts. It’s where the rubber meets the road.

tree stand
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Tree stand placement basics

A tree stand is one of the bowhunter’s most important tools. Sit quietly in one that is in the right place and you’ll see deer and have shot opportunities. Place one thoughtlessly and you’ll enjoy nothing but solitude.

Tree stand turkey hunting
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Make like a tree

Finding yourself a nice comfy spot at the base of a tree is one way to hunt turkeys; I’ve decided to perch myself in a tree this year.

Rub area
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Getting an early jump on the deer hunt

There are steps you can take in spring to be ready for fall

sitting in a ground blind
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Solid Advice for the All-Day Sit

It can be a harrowing experience, but sometimes it’s the only route to success.

tree stand accidents - a person climbing a tree stand
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Playing it safe with tree stands

A guide to avoiding tree stand accidents.