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Saddle up

Tree saddles have advantages over tree stands. Combine mobility and stand hunting by using one for a comfortable alternative that is lightweight and portable.

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Potential new lake trout record

A Colorado angler may have set a new lake trout record with a 72.39-pound lake trout that took him 13 minutes to land.

Big Game
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Making your own ghillie suit

Hide from your prey better and blend in with your surroundings by building your own cloak of invisibility. Here’s how.

Minister Graydon Smith
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Meeting Minister Graydon Smith

Getting to know shark wrangler and former radio personality, Graydon Smith, Natural Resources
and Forestry Minister.

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Wildlife feeding banned in Toronto

As of April 1, it became illegal to feed wildlife or leave food out to attract animals on public and private property.

private property
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Hunting on public land

To protect your own right to legally hunt or fish, you must know if you are on public or private land to avoid trespassing.

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More Great Lakes funding

Federal government announced funding of $420 million over 10 years to accelerate restoration and protection of the Great Lakes.

Brown Girl Outdoor World group of ladies with fly rods in a waterbody
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Demiesha Dennis on enriching outdoor narratives

Demiesha Dennis is more than a passionate angler, having founded a community dedicated to everyone enjoying the outdoors. And it’s thriving.

a close-up of a dewy tire
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Tire additives deadly to cohos

A compound identified as the cause of mass die-offs of coho salmon in Seattle, Washington’s urban creeks has also been detected in Toronto.