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The ins and outs of hunting with slingshots

I don’t know many hunters who have not, at one time or another, messed around with a slingshot.

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Pulled squirrel sandwiches

Squirrel hunting is one of my favourite small game hunting pastimes. It’s exciting and challenging. Here is my recipe for pulled squirrel sandwiches.

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Setting your own limits

Of course, the decision to limit what you take is a personal one, but I’m proud to say I see hunters and anglers set personal limits all the time… do right by the areas you hunt and odds are good, you’ll continue to have fine opportunities in seasons to come.

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Top 2015 OOD stories, from bears to boars

A look back at your favourite OOD stories of 2015.

Grey squirrel
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French fried squirrel with onion rings

Something tasty to try to mark the Ontario opener