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a deer with immense antlers
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Explaining antlers: nature’s beautiful, functional appendages

Antlers are grown — and shed — on an annual basis.

wild turkeys standing beside each other in a row
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Trail Cam Photo Contest 2019 winners

This year’s Ontario OUT of DOORS Trail Cam Photo Contest drew hundreds of impressive entries and thousands of votes.

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Hunting stimulates the brain

Hunting is a prime example of a mind-boosting outdoor activity, according to a world-renowned neuroscientist who says our brains have been affected for the worse by the relatively-predictable environments surrounding us.

rapala lure
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Rapala buys stake in 13 Fishing

The world’s largest fishing lure manufacturer has bought a minority stake in a fast-growing Clearwater, Florida-based rod and reel maker established in 2012.

Garmin Force
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ICAST 2019 award winners announced

The hardware has been handed out at ICAST 2019.

Fishing and Hunting News Magazine | Outdoor News Magazine
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Anglers noticing more aquatic vegetation on Trent-Severn Waterway

Parks Canada staff have not noticed an increase in the volume of aquatic vegetation on the Trent-Severn Waterway or the number of requests for permits for vegetation management from property owners so far this year.

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Muskie in the fast lane

Summer. Iced tea on the dock. Siestas under the big willow tree. Air conditioners humming. Nothing moves too fast during the hot days of late June, July, and August, at least above the water. Down in the lake, things are a bit different.

Catching fish from a canoe
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Considering the canoe

There is no denying the appeal of powerful outboards on comfortable boats loaded with angling gear, but there’s something poetic about the canoe.

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Is Bigfoot Really Out There? Scientists Look for Answers

Researchers in the U.K. are taking a closer look.