Petroglyphs Ontario Park

Petroglyphs Provincial Park


Ontario is offering free day-use access to provincial parks on Friday, July 19 to mark Healthy Parks Healthy People Day.

The annual celebration is part of a global effort to promote the health benefits of getting outside in nature.

“I invite all Ontarians to take advantage of this free pass to Ontario Parks, an opportunity to immerse yourselves in the joy and wonder of exploring the great outdoors,” Environment, Conservation and Parks Minister Andrew Khanjin stated in a release. “Whether you’re looking to get some exercise or seeking a fun and affordable day with your family, I hope this free day will give more people the opportunity to explore everything that their local provincial park has to offer.”

To guarantee access on Healthy Parks Healthy People Day, visitors are strongly encouraged to obtain a daily vehicle permit up to five days before the celebration, at no charge, for the 75 parks that offer this service.

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