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a pump jack on oil fields
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Canada’s oil and natural gas industry: positive news in uncertain times

Canada’s oil and natural gas producers are committed to environmental solutions especially reducing emissions, managing water use, and strong land stewardship.

a reel spool, disassembled and cleaned, horizontal
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Keeping reels clean

Proper care and maintenance are still required to achieve smooth operation of your reel; follow these steps and you’ll get years of use.

Walnut & thyme crusted walleye
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Walnut and thyme-crusted walleye

This crunchy, flavourful coating will work with any flaky white-fleshed fish. Serve with a squeeze of citrus and some homemade tartar sauce.

Syncrude reclaimed mine site
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Responsible stewardship of the Canadian environment

The responsible stewardship of our country’s natural environment is a truly Canadian priority as we treasure our outdoor experiences.