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private property
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Hunting on public land

To protect your own right to legally hunt or fish, you must know if you are on public or private land to avoid trespassing.

ATV on a road
Ask A CO
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Ask a CO: Is an ATV gun boot considered encased?

Ask a CO takes Ontario OUT of DOORS readers’ questions and utilizes the knowledge of Conservation Officers to find the answers.

Kids learning to fish on the Trent River. Photo by Meghan Sutherland
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Final free fishing chances coming soon

Canadian residents’ final opportunities to fish licence-free are just around the corner, including this Father’s Day weekend.

debating jakes in a field with a decoy
Wild Turkey
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Debating jakes

As hunters, we should embrace our hunting and conservation success stories, and focus less on the age and size of our harvests, Jeff Helsdon writes.

a floating wood duck
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Counting wood ducks

The Northern Development, Mines, Natural Resources, and Forestry’s (NDMNRF) Airboat Duck Banding program returned for its 25th season in 2021.

bull moose on a roadway
Big Game
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Salvaging roadkill

An interest in harvesting or foraging roadkill aka bushmeat, double-dead meat, or minivan manna, has grown considerably.

aggressive coyote killed
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Province sued over coyote-hunting contest

Three animal rights groups filed a lawsuit against the NDMNRF over a coyote-hunting contest held by a Belleville hunting and fishing store.

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Walleye survey sets hatch record

Lake Erie walleye survey numbers set a new hatch record for 2021, the fourth consecutive strong year for the fishery.

ela regulations - two people on research boat 760
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Experimental Lake Area gets $9.5 million

The Experimental Lake Area (ELA), a unique, world-renowned freshwater study area in northwestern Ontario, will get $9.5 million for research.