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Strain Duck Fat
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Rendering wild-game fat

A guide to rendering wild-game fat. Everything from duck and goose to bear and moose fat, learn how to strain the juices from your meat.

Fox fur pelt
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Hunting survey finds mixed results

A hunting survey conducted in early April reveals that while the majority of Canadians polled are not opposed to hunting for meat, those numbers drop significantly when asked about trophy or fur hunting.

bull moose on a roadway
Big Game
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Salvaging roadkill

An interest in harvesting or foraging roadkill aka bushmeat, double-dead meat, or minivan manna, has grown considerably.

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How much meat to expect from your harvest

Tom Armstrong explains how much meat to expect and offers some tips to help hunters improve the quality and yield of their harvest.

Phot Friday Winner
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Photo Friday Winner – Oct. 16

Opening day hunt a success for father and son