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leading a moose to water
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Lead a moose to water

Learn how to call, track, and locate moose using Ontario’s water-rich environments with a variety of water-based strategies.

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Technology used to prepare for CWD fight

The Ministry of Natural Resources and Forestry (MNRF) is taking a high-tech approach in order to prepare for a fight against Chronic Wasting Disease (CWD), should it ever enter the province.

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Paddling for remote walleye

Like many angling-obsessed youths, I would fish whenever and however I could. Canoes and sit-in kayaks were some of the first ways I got off the bank.

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Examining the costs of gun-dog ownership

Thinking about buying a gun dog? Tom Goldsmith shares the hard financial truths you will face as you develop your dream dog.

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Fall walleye: Don’t put away those rods yet!

The changing colours of leaves, cool nights, and the smell of autumn in the air signal that one of the best walleye bites of the year is underway. Yet, many outdoors enthusiasts have packed away their rods and exchanged them for guns or bows. Why switch entirely? Com­bining hunting with fall walleye fishing makes for great surf-and-turf trips.

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Satellite safety gear for your outdoor adventures

Globalstar’s personal GPS satellite messengers, SPOT X and Sat-Fi2 RAS, are at the top of every safety check list for essential outdoor gear.

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Avoid these seven sins of fishing

Rookies and experienced anglers alike are guilty of making some common mistakes. Avoid these “sins” to get on your way to a more productive day on the water.

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Interactive map offers anglers an edge

Fish ON-Line is a tool that helps anglers better plan their fishing trips

fishing electronics - Garmin GPS screen
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2014 fishing electronics round up

The ante has been upped for onboard angling technology this year.