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a buck on alert between the bare trees
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New Sunday gun hunting opportunities created

The new opportunities came into effect as of Sept. 1, 2023 and the change means that 189 municipalities now permit Sunday gun hunting.

OOD April 1997 Issue Cover Horizontal
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Reflecting on 30 years at OOD

“It’s been an honour to write for OOD readers all these years,” Senior Editor Gord Ellis writes. “I plan to be here for your grandkids, too.”

FMZ 10 map 760
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FMZ 10 changes in the works

A proposal that may change fishing regulations in Fisheries Management Zone (FMZ) 10 is now available for public comment.

Georgian Bay Biosphere Reserve
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Georgian Bay Biosphere funded

The Georgian Bay Biosphere Reserve, which from the Severn River to the French River, received $585,000 in federal funds.

a pike lurking in the depths
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Trolling with wire for pike and muskie

Trolling with solid-strand wire line isn’t a new concept. Wire is a time-honoured method for muskie, pike, lake trout, and other species.

Deer Yard
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Deer yards: How the landscape aids winter survival

Year-round, I have deer in my yard, but my yard isn’t a deer yard. A “deer yard” is an area where deer concentrate during the winter months.