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Duck fat garlic Parmesan fries
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Duck fat garlic Parmesan fries

Duck fat’s delectable deep flavour gives a unique taste and crunch to fried goods, especially these twice-cooked French fries.

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Making a case for waterfowling simplicity

Less often turns out to be more in waterfowling. Present day snow goose field-hunting rigs fall just short of an amusement park in terms of size, set-up, and complexity.

pan seared duck breast
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Pan-seared mallard breast

A rustically seasoned, succulent duck breast served over a creamy squash puree is the perfect late fall, or winter meal.

DJ Cleland-Hura’s original art piece “Spring-Northern Pintails."
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Duck stamp announced, the pintails are back

The 2020 Canadian Wildlife Habitat conservation stamp and print will feature DJ Cleland-Hura’s original art piece “Spring-Northern Pintails.”

waterfowlers with goose decoys
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Never too cold for geese and mallards

It’s never too cold to harvest geese or wind-buffeted mallards, Bob McGary writes after taking part in a hunt on a snow-covered field near Hamilton.

ducks taking flight in field
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Making duck-hunting memories near Napanee

A late-season outing near Napanee opened contributor Andrew Rochon’s eyes to a level of duck hunting unlike any other he had seen.

wild turkey grazing
Ask A CO
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Ask a CO: Can I carry ammo for both turkeys and waterfowl?

A MNRF Conservation Officer answers the question, “Can I legally carry ammunition for both turkeys and waterfowl while hunting ducks?”

Clay Belt Waterfowl
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Hunting clay-belt waterfowl

This unique area of northeastern Ontario harbours some of the best duck and goose hunting in the province.

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DIY: decoy hacks

These tips will lengthen the life of your decoys, add realism, and give you more bang for your buck, contributor Scott McGuigan wrote in the 2018-2019 Hunting Annual.