A Solution with Flare

by Jeff Helsdon | July 8, 2014
flares and boat safety kit

Photo by: Vanessa Schmidt

Every year, boaters across Canada are faced with the perplexing problem of what to do with outdated flares.

Transport Canada requires boats over 19 feet (6 meters) to have flares onboard as part of its safety equipment, with flares being an optional safety measure for other vessel classes. See complete regulations here.

Yet, explosive regulations state outdated flares can’t be disposed of in the garbage, thrown overboard or lit off.

So, Transport Canada and flare-manufacturing company CIL, in conjunction with the Canadian Power and Sail Squadron (CPSS), are organizing Safety Equipment Education and Flare Disposal Days across the country.

In addition to providing flare disposal, CPSS volunteers will provide information on boating safety equipment at the events.

“You have this explosive product and there’s no mandated way of getting rid of these flares when expired,” said John Gullick, manager government and special programs for Canadian Power and Sail Squadron. (CPSS) “We’re hoping this might provide a bit of a relief valve”

A list of flare disposal days is available on the power squadron website.

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