Readers share their customized rides

by Editorial Staff | September 22, 2020
customized ride in a cedar motorboat

We asked readers to show us their hunting/fishing rides.

Here are their responses!

Kyle Bouvier

Kyle Bouvier/North Glengarry
2017 Can Am Commander

Mike Crombez

Mike Crombez/Aurora
2015 Jeep Wrangler

Jim Greenwood

Jim Greenwood/Norfolk County
2005 Toyota Tundra with 400,000+ kms

Randy Gorton
Randy Gorton

Randy Gorton/Brigden
Artwork by Bevin Finlay of Mt. Forest

Hugo Groff

Hugo Groff/Petoskey, MI
(He enjoys duck hunting in Mitchell’s Bay on Lake St. Clair)
13-hp 2018 EZGO TXT Valor golf cart customized with camp wrap, windshield, three-inch lifts, 14-wheels, brush guard, gun rack, and fold-down seat with cooler

Ross Howard

Ross Howard/Thedford

Doug Lightheart

Doug Lightheart
16-foot cedar strip Giesler with 9.9 Mercury engine owned by the Esnagami Wilderness Lodge
“They’re dependable and safe in rough seas or can maneuver shallow back bays and can carry a substantial amount of gear,” he said.

Jim Schafhauser

Jim Schafhauser/Duluth, MN
2000 Triton 205 Walleye boat wrapped in underwater camo with mean-looking walleyes in the wood

John Burns

John Burns
1970, W300, retired fire department truck with 14,000 miles on it. It gets used for general work, hauling firewood for home and the hunting camp, for dump runs, and for trailering the 1947 to Vintage Vehicle Shows

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