Phone help available for MNRF licence and tag issues

by Steve Galea | September 24, 2019

Most hunters who have licensing and tag issues now know they can visit one of the participating ServiceOntario locations, or licence issuers that offer MNRF services, to get a no-charge reprint of their tag. 

Once there, the ServiceOntario staff or licence issuer will contact their support line to assist with the reprint of the tag and a paper declaration will need to be completed attesting the tag was unprinted or misprinted.

Phone help available

But some hunters are still unaware these issues can also be resolved over the phone by calling the Natural Resources Information and Support Centre (NRISC).

MNRF Senior Media Relations Officer Jolanta Kowalski said, “Hunters requiring support with printing (their tags or licence summaries) will be asked for details on the first print and an NRISC representative will walk them through the online process to help them get their tag printed.  Please note that hunters will need to be prepared to complete the reprint while on the phone with NRISC and will have to agree to a verbal attestation declaring that the tag was unprinted.”

Concerns about the new online licensing system were first raised earlier this year. Complaints in online comments on stories mounted as more hunters began using the system.

Peak season

Kowalski cautioned that the NRISC is in its peak operating season and is providing support to clients on the new licensing service, which has resulted in longer than normal wait times. 

“We appreciate your patience and recommend contacting the NRISC toward the middle of the week, when call volumes and wait times are typically lower,” she said.

The NRISC phone numbers are 1-800-667-1940 or 1-800-387-7011.

Step-by-step instructions for completing the process online are also available here.

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