PAL now required for mag purchases

by Steve Galea | April 22, 2024
a gun magazine next to firearm

Canadian firearms owners are now required to present their Possession Acquisition Licence (PAL) when buying a cartridge magazine for their firearms. The regulatory changes were sent out in a letter to firearms businesses in early March, according to the Canadian Sporting Arms and Ammunition Association (CSAAA).

The new requirements are as follows:

Subsection 25(1) states that “An individual may transfer cartridge magazine that is not deemed prohibited only if the transferee possesses a valid firearms licence.” 

Subsection 64 (1.2) states that “Following the expiration of a firearms licence, a licence holder may not acquire cartridge magazines during the extension period (six months) and may only acquire cartridge magazines once the licence is renewed.” 

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  1. Kevin Harriman wrote: Love the outdoors
  2. Gordon Wereley wrote: Who are the geniuses that dreamed up this latest stupid requirement of a PAL for legitimate hunters and sport shooting enthusiasts to buy a magazine for a rifle or handgun? Is that all our Liberal ministers have to do to earn their $299,300 yearly salary? What next? Perhaps a requirement to show a PAL in order to purchase a rifle scope or a rifle case or hand loading components. Time to turn their energies and dollars toward getting illegal firearms and criminals off the streets! I am already on the mailing list for the weekly CSSA newsletter. Good job guys!