New methods of keeping grass carp at bay

by Jeff Helsdon | January 30, 2024

A study will look at methods to keep grass carp from spawning in Lake Erie’s Sandusky River.

Although Ohio allows sterile grass carp to be used for vegetation control, fertile fish have found their way into the river and Lake Erie. The state has been using a variety of control methods in the past, but the study, that was announced in November, will look at the most economical way to thwart spawning. 

The study, headed by the US Army Corps of Engineers, will look at a variety of barriers that could be used to control spawning. The main options are a bubble curtain that would direct the fish towards an area where they can be removed, an acoustic barrier, or a combination of both. These would only be operated during spawning time to minimize interference with native fish species and not disrupt daily life of local people and would be placed so as to not interfere with recreation or commercial fishing efforts or cause flooding.

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