The new kit in town

by Steve Galea | July 27, 2017

kit - steve galea aimingOn the weekend, I sold five firearms – and, believe me, it was painful. It was for good reason, however; you see I wasn’t using them as much as I used to. They were essentially just taking up space in the gun locker.

Now, before the firearms and hunting community kicks me out, let me justify this decision further. I used the money from the sale to buy a top-of-the line pre-charged pneumatic air rifle – and I did this so I could shoot more.

A PCP air rifle is a serious piece of kit – and one that comes with a serious price tag. But its incredible accuracy and quality is remarkable. Most come with very good triggers, barrels, and optics. They are tack drivers in the truest sense of the word.

kit - target PCP air rifle

I have shot this rifle twice a day since I got it and every five-shot group thus far has been overlapping in the same hole at 50 feet – and this rifle can do far better than that.

In fact, I’m told by a skilled and experienced air rifleman I know, that the rifle I purchased is capable of shooting three-inch groups or better at 100 yards. Oh, and it has the power to kill small game at 50 yards or more, too.

Needless to say, I will definitely hunt with it this fall and I’ll target pests and varmints throughout the year.

But, as I said, I bought this rifle primarily to shoot more. Life has gotten busy and I no longer shoot as much as I’d like.

This rifle is quiet and its power can be regulated so it’s friendly and safe to shoot in the woods close to home. If you’ve got the right yard, bylaws, and a good backstop, you can shoot there, too.

The result is more accessible shooting opportunities with a high-grade rifle that’s built and acts more like the hunting rifles I use, particularly in terms of trigger pull.

kit - air rifle

Any good shooter will tell you that the only way to become a better shot is to shoot often and learn to pay attention to the mechanics of the shot. This little gem of a rifle is allowing me to do just that.

I’ll shoot this one close to home and do a bit of field shooting whenever I get the chance. I’ll re-read my marksmanship books and tease out whatever skills I can add to the mix.

Then, by hunting season, I’ll be a better field marksman.

It’s a win-win – unless you’re a squirrel or rabbit.

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