UPDATE: Muskie Hater or Big Misunderstanding?

by Guest Author | October 1, 2014

On Sept. 6 a video of a man catching a muskie, clubbing it, and tossing it back into the water started to circulate on social media.

Afterward the angler, who had been dubbed a muskie hater, did a video interview with the Windsor Star explaining that it was all a big mistake.

Ontario OUT OF DOORS has since found out from the Ministry of Natural Resources and Forestry (MNRF) that “the enforcement branch is aware of the YouTube video and is investigating the incident.”

Mark Robbins, provincial enforcement specialist with the MNRF enforcement branch confirmed that it is an offence under the Fish and Wildlife Conservation Act (FWCA) for “someone to take a fish suitable for human consumption and abandon the fish, if its flesh may become unsuitable for human consumption.”

In terms of fines and punishment for such acts, “A conservation officer always has a number of options when it comes to investigating offences. The officer may give a verbal warning, while sometimes a ticket might be issued, and less commonly, a summons to attend court might be appropriate. Every case is different and promoting future compliance to the law is the officer’s ultimate goal,” he explained.

“If a ticket was issued the penalty would be $150 plus court associated costs. If a more formal process was followed, a court could assess a monetary penalty of not more than $25,000. In addition to, or as an alternative to monetary penalties, a person convicted of an offence under the FWCA may be sentenced to imprisonment for a term of not more than one year. The court may also order that a person not possess or obtain a fishing licence or engage in fishing for a specified period of time.”

Is this guy a muskie hater or was it a big misunderstanding? Watch these 2 videos and give us your take on it.

WARNING: This video contains some profane language

This is the man’s interview with the Windsor Star.

What do you think?

Originally published on Sept. 11, 2014.


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  1. Jim shedden wrote: I am appalled . He should be banned from fishing and hunting......complete bs!
  2. STEWART ANDERSEN wrote: What a GOOF!!! This guy is only apologizing because the video went viral. This idiot actually thinks that making a youtube video and saying sorry really excuses him from this bullsh*t. I can almost guarantee that was not the first one you have murdered and for sure will not be the last one. If he were a true outdoorsman as he states and cared about conservation he would not have killed the fish. This was pure ignorance. The Ontario Ministry of Natural Resources should be all over this guy. If he is an American he should no longer be aloud to fish or hunt in Canada or even his own country. I have always respected the hunting and fishing regulations and also know that nature puts all the creatures in each individual ecosystem to control the food chain. The bass population in that water way has survived there with the muskies for a lot longer than he has been alive. He obviously does not understand what the term sustainability means. Mankind has already messed up the delicate balance that nature has going on naturally without one guy thinking that killing a few of the apex predators in that ecosystem he will affect the overall numbers of the specific species below these predators will be affected in the long run. I have been fishing my whole life and have never caught a muskie. I would feel honored to catch a big muskie like that just for the fight and memory of seeing one. But as soon as it was measured and found to be below the legal keeper size, I would release it unharmed and make sure it was strong enough to swim away. In my eyes he is a poacher, yes I said it POACHER!!! If I were the camera man with a witness and video proof of this guy killing any animal for a ridiculous reason like the one he gave I would have called the O.P.P. and waited there to make sure he was caught and prosecuted to the full extent of the law. The Canadian government has already made changes that will affect the natural ecosystems in this country in a very negative way. Having guys like these out destroying what little dignity nature still has left makes me sick. I hope that this video results in severe fines and fishing bans for this Goof and I hope everyone that has seen the video of the crime and his pathetic apology takes note of what not to do. Also cheer to the camera man and his buddy for standing up to him for the sake of the future of our fisheries!!
  3. Steve wrote: What a joke!! He still clubbed that fish!! Think he is scared now that that video has gone viral!!
  4. Taylor Poole wrote: This is really disturbing. He is fishing one of the premier muskie fisheries in Canada/US (St Claire Detroit river area) and reacts this way when he catches what is a highly desired sportfish to many anglers. He has cleary been doing this for a long time, and I hope this video is enough evidence for the MNR or Michigan C.O.s to fine him and suspend his license. If you are fishing walleye for sport either deal with the other species in that ecosystem. OR maybe take a fly in to where walleye are more abundant, and it's just as easy as shooting fish in a barel (which I'm sure this goof would do if he had the opportunity). As anglers we put enough pressure on the bodies of water we target. We should work to minimize our effect on these ecosystems rather than damage them with the senseless wasteful behaviour this guy clearly displays.
  5. johnnyb wrote: Just my opinion, I don't buy it. His only explanation is "i don't know why that happened". Any time he's addressing the incident, his eyes are all over the place, can't look directly at the camera. Ultimately he knows if he's a liar or not, hopefully he can change his ways.
  6. Tammy Richer wrote: What an idiot dies he really think we believe him he should never be allowed to fish again. What an a$$hole
  7. Dan Andrews wrote: No one tried to make him out to be an evil monster. They just caught it on tape, confronted him and he did the rest.
  8. Ron Anthony wrote: Did anyone check his boat for alcohol or drugs? That's why it seems he can't explain a reason for his actions. He broke the law twice that day maybe? He sounds like a drunken liar. Scary to know there are people like this with hunting & fishing licenses.
  9. Mike H, wrote: I still can't believe this. The ministry should fully ban this guy from OUR waters.
  10. Mike H, wrote: I think this story needs a followup to find out if any legal action has been taken.
  11. Rick wrote: Mike H is spot on hopefully the newspaper or Ontario Out of Doors will follow up and publish the resolution. Banning this guy from fishing is a nice thought but who is going to enforce the ban? I doubt the powers that be, either US or Cdn, have the manpower to watch over him. Will a heft cash fine smarten him up? I sure hope so. In any event it would be helpful to know what happens.
  12. Crash wrote: He was obviously drunk/stoned... and.,...really dumb... did it in broad daylight... in front of other boats! Ban him from fishing in Ontario and Michigan since StClair is shared jurisdiction...
  13. Dwayne Wolosiewicz wrote: Sounds to me like he is trying to cover his tracks. I don't believe a word of what he says. Once in a lifetime my ass. I'm not buying it. He's just trying to stop the negatives. I'm sure he's being harassed about it from quite a few angles. Too late, videos don't lie. Nail him with what he deserves.
  14. Brian wrote: Sure was unlucky that the ONLY TIME HE EVER DID IT it was caught on tape. Guy can't even explain himself beyond "I dont know why it happened" What a child. Doesn't deserve to share the lakes or the forests with people that respect the animals as well as the laws.
  15. Jeff Evanski wrote: Should get a life time fishing ban, come on MNR step up and punish this guy
  16. Brian wrote: Looks to me like there is plenty of evidence for a significant fine and ideally a ban. 45 years as an outdoorsman hasn't taught him anything about respecting fish and game. This tool needs to be made an exampl of. That video is disturbing and his lack of ownership for incident is appalling.
  17. Daniel G wrote: Very dishonest man and I hate to see what you don't see on film.