Lure maker launches recycling program

by Justin Hoffman | June 22, 2022
True North Baits logo
True North Baits logo

Anglers looking for an environmentally friendly option for used soft plastics can now recycle them thanks to a new initiative by True North Baits, of Courtice, Ontario.

“We had the idea a few years ago when we noticed the amount of wasted plastic baits we would go through over the course of a season, so we began recycling our own baits,” owners Jamie Stothart and Nikki Christie stated.

“As we continually expanded into more retail locations, we thought now would be the perfect time to start a program.”

The program only accepts True North Baits-branded baits.

“We will gladly grind them down and recycle into brand new baits of their choice at 40% off the regular retail prices. Customers can choose to sort their used baits into colours and have multiple hues for their new baits or mix them all together for a truly unique colour reveal, exclusive only to them,” Stothart said.

Baits can be returned for recycling without taking part in the buyback deal.

Used baits can be mailed in or dropped off at the Courtice location.

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