Hunters rescue deer from coyotes

by Editorial Staff | February 5, 2014

These hunters spotted a deer in trouble and helped it escape what could have been an ugly demise. We don’t encourage people to interact with wildlife like this — it could have gone badly for these men — but we certainly can appreciate the risk they took.

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  1. Steve Rondeau wrote: they shouldnt have messed with the nature of things. in nature it is the survival of the fittest and obviously if this deer was gonna get eaten by these coyotes it should have. none of them thought of the coyotes as needing this meal for survival and they have now deprived them of that and in the wild that could mean life or death. but way to go says some narrow minded people who think saving this animal was worth it!!!
    • Dougie wrote: Pretty closed minded of you. They likely left the dead deer as it was so the coyotes still got their feast. I think most decent outdoorsmen would have done the same. When it's that bucks time, he will go.
      • Herb wrote: Your absolutely right Doug. Clearly Steve is a tree huger who knows nothing about the outdoors. The deer left behind will feed them coyotes well!!
    • Lee Eccleston wrote: troller, what a joke they can eat the dead one still, nothing wrong with saving the deer's life
  2. Crash wrote: That was very cool!
  3. karate.fraser wrote: these guys were very brave that deer could have easily turned on them as soon as it was free. good job guys!!!!
  4. Dick Rickley wrote: So now the coyotes starve. The stupidity of people never ceases to impress me.