Ford against firearms ban

by Steve Galea | June 18, 2020
Ford against firearms ban

Ontario Premier Doug Ford spoke out against the new federal firearms classification regulations, introduced on May 1, which banned 1,500 “military grade” firearms.

Ford said guns and gangs are the problem and that “the only way to tackle gun violence is to crack down on the illegal guns that are smuggled in daily at our borders.” He advocated more funding for border security and increased “legal ramifications for convicted gun crimes.”

He went on to say “The problem is not legal gun owners. We need to target smugglers and we need to throw the book at these gangsters out there terrorizing our streets.”

Buyback program criticized

The premier also criticized the cost of the buyback program — estimated at hundreds of millions of dollars — that will purchase the newly banned firearms from their legal licenced firearms owners.

“I can’t help but think that money could be put to much better use. Hunting down the violent criminals and stopping these illegal guns at our borders,” said Ford.

He said he would be willing to work with the federal government to strengthen border security and prevent smuggling but emphasized that harsher sentencing for gun related crimes was critical saying, “Don’t give them a slap on the wrist and then try to point the finger at legal, law abiding gun owners…”

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  1. Mike wrote: Canada will not be able to stem the flow of firearms by labelling more models as "illegal" because your border is uncontrollable and those who don't follow the law to begin with aren't going to stop their illegal ventures. As an American sportsman who has hunted in Ontario province, and whose heritage is part French-Canadian, more repressive laws will only prevent legal use applications and tourism. Trudeau and the firearm banning groups are not working for the best interest of Canada, in my opinion.
  2. Brian wrote: Will he stand with Alberta and Saskatchewan premieres and do what they are proposing
  3. Eric Halvarson wrote: Thank you Mr. Doug Ford for your support of licensed law abiding gun owners and your common sense approach to smuggling and gangs. Sincerely, Eric, 65 years young gun owner.
  4. Roger wrote: Good for you Doug Ford maybe u can talk some sense to Trudeau on this topic
  5. Wade J. wrote: Mr.Ford. Your doing a great job for Ontario so far. Thank you..Question is will you support and join Alberta and Saskatchewan on their stand against Trudeau and blairs firearms ban and reject the bill????
  6. George White wrote: If doug supports us legal owners them why not do the same as Saskatchewan and Alberta premieres and put in an Ontario appointed CPFO!!!!
  7. Ralph Corneil wrote: Great to see someone in the political sphere with some common sense! Hiring more Border patrol officers and searching more if not all vehicles, containers etc would stop the flow of guns to criminals. Consider legislation that if you discharge a firearm in a populated area such as Toronto you immediately serve say 10 years in jail. No parole etc then you have a trial concerning the actual firearm, weapon offence and add appropriate jail time to the 10 years. Properly worded legislation would remove the objections of lawyers and taking the option away from judges to change the sentence would deter a lot of these crimes. Key is: who has the ability and foresight to return sanity to our judicial system? I am very displeased with the current Liberal government, not only on this issue but other issues as well. Shame on you Bill Blair! Stop being a puppet and stand up for law abiding people!
  9. Robert Foote wrote: Mr. Ford. You have been doing an Awesome job and continue to do so. I, as a Hunter and sport shooter for over 50 years, appreciate You standing up for all of us hunters and sport shooters. It's great to hear a politician speak about Firearms Owners in a positive way and stand up for our Rights. Thank You.
  10. Deejay wrote: Bad guys always get illegal guns! Focus your money and efforts on the smuggling of guns to the bad guys and leave honest, registered gun owners alone. Most efforts on gun control are reactive after a crisis. Let's be proactive for a change!
  11. Richard wrote: Ford is a political disaster for Ontario. His comments on gun control and criticism of our Federal Gov't is click bait grandstanding to gain support from a very small number of Canadians who put their own self interest over the safety of all Canadians. It is very easy to make grandiose statements about "go after the criminals instead of the legitimate gun owners" without actually doing any research, having any authority, responsibility or knowledge about how to actually accomplish that wonderful goal. Leaders make proposals that are realistic, attainable and measurable. All this belly aching about gun controls is 90% self serving bull crap and 10% reality. Stop complaining and grow up. The laws do not penalize gun owners, just their sensitivity to having anyone imposing rules on them. I am a lawful gun owner and I welcome gun controls that make our world less like the crazy USA.
  12. jim marcovecchio wrote: And this is why i voted for Mr. Ford. Common sense and understands the root problem. Hopefully he will stand with the other provinces and get the OIC rescinded. Buybacks don't work, bans don't work because the bad guys don't follow the rules.
  13. Steve Miller wrote: You wait - when Trudeau comes back in Sept, he'll make another gun issue cause it diverts attention and gets him votes from the ignorant urban dwellers. Either a handgun ban or ban on home storage... gun owners will be scapegoated again...
  14. Tony Mazur wrote: Ihave been a hunter since i was 16 mt wife and kids learned about the outdoors and my wife hunts with me now its not about killing animals but enjoying the outdoors and wildlife you meet and people you meet but right now we need Doug Ford to step up and cancel the feds. gun control as alberta and sask. have because there is so much confusion of what guns i can use and if i am going ti be charged as a criminal we something concrete from the provincial government for big game season is just beginning in ontario iam 70 years old can you see me going ti jail for gun violation which i have played by the laws for 45 years.
  15. bruce graham wrote: Unfortunately we have a federal government that at the end of the day want no one in this country to own a fire arm(private citizens) that's a UN protocol and who has permanent seats on the UN is China and Russia. Getting fire arms from us law abiding citizens paves the way for dictatorship rule in this country. A senior law enforcement officer told me that the feds will not tackle the gangs and the smugglers as they would be labeled as racist. Don't kid yourself the Federal government and RCMP OPP know whos smuggling in the most guns and drugs, and our law enforcement services are told not to touch them buy the feds. IT is very sad to swallow political votes by blaming law abiding gun owners like myself and family. I hope Mr Ford and the other premiers can save our Canadian shooting sports. Also the Liberal media needs to grow up.
  16. Eric Hurdle wrote: Canada have at least M. Ford prime minister who speak about the real things. Shame on Quebec prime minister who beleive in licorns and keep beleive in that fantasis perfect world. I'm leaving in Quebec for now and seriously, moving to Ontario is running in my mind. The next Can Fed elections will be determinant for me.
  17. Derek Macmillan wrote: Doug Ford you need to join with the 4 provinces and 1 territory and take control of legal gun ownership in Ontario the Libeoral/NDp is incompetent and is set to spend 5 billion dollars.the 2.3 m legal gun owners are being unfairly prosecuted for their legitimate guns ,please help us!