Firearms marking deferred again

by Jeff Helsdon | November 21, 2018

firearms marking

Canada’s firearms marking program has once again been delayed, giving the firearms industry another reprieve.

First introduced in 2004, the program would require all new firearms imported into Canada to be identified with a unique identifying number. It would require the year of import and “Canada” or “CA” to be stamped on each gun.

Since its introduction, successive governments have delayed the implementation eight times.

While government estimates are this will only add a modest cost per gun, the industry has estimated it will cost up to $200 per gun. To complete the marking process, industry representatives say it will involve CNC engraving and special jigs to hold each firearm model.

The previous deferral would have seen the regulations come into effect on Dec. 1, 2018. A release from Public Safety Canada on Nov. 9 announced another deferral until Dec. 1, 2020.

The release stated, “The government is continuing work to develop an effective markings regime that enables law enforcement to effectively trace crime guns, without imposing undue constraints or costs on firearms owners and businesses. Detailed information regarding the deferral will be available in the edition of the Canada Gazette Part II on Nov. 28, 2018.”

Tony Bernardo, executive director of Canadian Shooting Sports Association, was delighted with the news. “Four successive governments have refused to implement this because it’s so damaging to the industry. To me, it speaks volumes to how bad this is.”

Barnardo believes the marking scheme will damage industry and not provide the intended information to police.

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