Bowtech acquires Excalibur Crossbows

by Editorial Staff | January 6, 2014

excalibur crossbow - man holding a crossbow
Bowtech and Excalibur Crossbow Inc. have joined forces, with the Oregon-based compound bows and archery equipment producer announcing today that is has acquired the Canadian crossbow manufacturer.

“BOWTECH brings the most innovative design and technology to the compound bow category. Excalibur shares these values and their crossbows are the finest on the market. Excalibur is a perfect addition to our company’s product and brand portfolio,” said Ron Johnson, CEO of Bowtech.

Johnson added, “By bringing these companies together we will be better positioned to offer our customers and consumers more comprehensive and innovative archery product solutions and services. We plan to continue operating both companies while sharing and leveraging our significant expertise, industry know-how, and talented employees.”

“We could not have asked for a better partner to assist us in taking the Excalibur products and brand to the next level,” said Rob Dykeman, president of Excalibur Crossbow.

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  1. ryandir wrote: Nice, lets just sell our soul to the states as well
    • Crash wrote: Your identity is wrapped up in a crossbow manufacturer?
    • david litzenberg wrote: I am American and I agree it is a sad day for all bow hunters. I believe quality will suffer.most American. Companies. Are greedy
  2. Ryan Schned wrote: I don't know how I feel about this.
  3. Alexander Zorin wrote: My experience tells me that nothing good will come out of it.
  4. CM wrote: hope they dont change the product, I am concerned about getting parts in the future for older bows
  5. SmokeandaPancake wrote: Disappointing.
  6. Mark Bowen wrote: This is very sad news .Mr. Dykeman you sold out to the the Americans ?? Shame on you.Soon all your employees will be out of work because of you ! That's ok though you lined your pockets with what's important EH ?
    • Chantal wrote: I totally agree with Mark on this issue. To many American companies are taking over our Canadian companies.
      • ImAnAmerican wrote: Taking them over, and then outsourcing to China.... Sigh.... Goodbye quality, we'll miss you.
  7. Glenburniekid wrote: This is a terrible thing. It was nice to have a Canadian owned and operated manufacturer for the Excalibur line. I can't believe another great Canadian business has been sold to the Americans. I fear it will be the end of Excalibur as we know and love it. The bows will never be the same. What happened to Bill Troughbridge? How did Rob Dykeman become the president? This really makes me angry.
  8. Wolfeontario wrote: I don't think this is a good decision on behalf of Excalibur. We will likely see a decline in quality as we once knew it. Bowtech you have big boots to fill on an experience, expert crossbow line!
    • Heather wrote: I am from Michigan and my husband loves his Excaliber Equinox crossbow. One of the main reasons he wanted to buy one in the first place is because Excaliber was a family owned company that was started and run by avid hunters who cared more about putting out quality, than monetary. Well, that's over now. It won't happen overnight, but over the next 5 years, quality will slowly decrease each year until the Excaliber line is like every other crappy "American" made (aka parts from China) crossbow company. I think I'm the most annoyed by the fact that Excaliber's website still has this line of bull on their About Us page: "At Excaliber, we aren't big business trying to cash in on crossbow hunting, we're crossbow hunters who build crossbows." Um, not anymore. You are now part of the greedy American business model. Maybe when it's time to get a new crossbow I'll take DG's advice above, and tell my husband to check out Middleton. To all the Canadian's, I'm sorry that American companies keep throwing money at the companies in your country, until they feel like they have no choice but to surrender. Then take the name of the company and start slapping it on inferior products. I'm, very often, not proud to be an American. Where our motto should be, Cash is King.
  9. DG wrote: no need to buy Excalibur any more your money just going south. I shoot a Midelton (made in Ontario) is just as good GO GET ONE !
  10. Jody Reed wrote: when I read, "said Rob Dykeman, president of Excalibur"...I just put my head down and let out a sigh
  11. FBomb wrote: yikes! this is pretty disappointing, I always loved supporting Excalibur crossbows because they were Canadian and because of their quality, accuracy and great customer service. This is nothing to me other then a bad move on behalf of Excalibur to sell out to an american company. They should of kept it in Canada at least.
  12. John Q. wrote: What a mistake!!!!! How could Excalibur sell out like they have!? Well, there goes the quality that they were so well known for. Another Canadian company now American owned! Shame on you Rob Dykeman!
  13. oklahoma slim wrote: Well, guys sorry to see Excalibur going south to the U S. Only thing I will buy from China is a crossbow, they been making them since 4 BC. Got me a wildfire inferno= to a Excalibur. Shoot like a charm.
  14. Richard Suesens wrote: Are the Excalibur Crossbows still made in Canada? The 380 Matrix Blackout
  15. Bill Kirkland wrote: This is the first I heard of this thanks to OFAH. I have been an avid bowhunter for over 40 years and love using my compound and , as I am now almost 75, also love my Xcalibur crossbow. I'm sure that most Xcalibur owners are proud of them being manufactured by a canadian company with the excellent quality they have a reputation for. I'm not so proud now that Xcalibur is an American (probably to become a Chinese) company. Real shame !!!
  16. Fred Martell wrote: I have an older Excalibur Aixom crossbow (metal to of frame) and I was wondering if it is possible to get a manual/CD for the unit. I Purchased from a friend but he did not have manual/CD. Any help would be appreciated. I did try your site for manuals but can't seem to find.Thanks
    • Meghan Sutherland wrote: Fred, hopefully you find what you're looking for here: If not, you can reach out to Excalibur directly by going down to the 'Contact Us' section at the bottom, and sending them an email requesting the necessary model manual.