Ask a CO: If I don’t fill a doe tag during rifle season, can I still use it later during bow season?

by Editorial Staff | November 23, 2022
a snowy doe deer

Q: If I don’t fill a doe tag during rifle season, can I still use it later in the same WMU during the bow season?

Todd Miller, Peterborough

A: If you obtained an antlerless deer tag for a specific wildlife management unit (WMU) through the antlerless deer draw, then that tag is valid during any season in that WMU. The tag will say “Valid for one antlerless deer in WMU ## or one antlered deer in any WMU,” with no restrictions as to season.

Additional tags may be available in some WMUs. These are only valid during the time specified on the tag for the type of deer specified on the tag; if an additional tag indicates that it is valid for any season, then it can be used in the bows-only season. If the additional tag specifies that it is only valid during a “rifle” season, then it cannot be used during a bows-only season.

ANSWER BY: David Critchlow, Provincial Enforcement Specialist, MNRF

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