Ask a CO: Are laser scopes legal?

by Editorial Staff | February 7, 2020
A model of a scope with a laser projecting forth

Q: What is the law regarding laser scopes where they project a red dot on the target? Is this classified as hunting with the use of a light?

ā€“Daryl Wade, Athens

A: A laser is a light (the word originated as an acronym, with the ā€œlā€ standing for light), and therefore using a laser scope is using a light to hunt.
However, it is not illegal to use a light to hunt; it is only illegal to use a light to hunt at night (unless legally night hunting raccoon).

ā€“David Critchlow (Provincial Enforcement Specialist, MNRF)

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Originally published in the Jan.-Feb. 2018 issue of Ontario OUT of DOORS magazine. Ask a CO is also a regular feature in the print edition.

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