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A history of Ontario steelhead

Migratory rainbow trout, called steelhead, are highly prized trophies. For many anglers, steelhead are the ultimate challenge.

Ice fishing for steelhead

A look at the locations, techniques and terminal gear that can help you ice some steel.

9 ways to put more steelhead on the bank

Off-the-wall tactics every angler should try.

Dissecting the steelhead

What makes steelhead such magnificent adversaries? The best way to find out just might be to take a closer look at how they’re built.

Target river staging areas for spring steelhead

Fishing lower-river staging areas in early spring is where you can find pre-spawning steelhead looking for a tasty snack.

Hooking steelhead

One thing I’ve learned over years of fishing for steelhead is that a hook is never just a hook. Here are some tips to illustrate.

Depth, movement, visibility mantra for steelhead success

Contributor Paul Hurtubise explains how DMV (depth, movement, visibility) is also a mantra for steelhead-rigging success.

Seeking out migratory steelhead through ice

Timing and technique can be key to success

Tips for better steelheading

Float fishing for steelhead with a centrepin reel is both incredibly effective and highly addictive.

Destined to become a steelheader

Suggested reading and viewing for the upcoming season

Steelheading Ontario’s West Coast

Make the most out of Lake Huron’s tributaries.

Fall steelheading basics

Tips for getting started and staying successful.

Steelhead gravlax

Gravlax is one of the main components of the classic dish “Bagel & Lox.” No cold smoking required, a dish for any occasion.

Talking classic tackle box nymphs

Most rivers in Ontario with steelhead have incredible bug life — all food for trout. Here are my top picks for imitating nymphs.

Fly fishing in The Soo

Fly fishing for steelhead, Atlantic salmon, and resident rainbow trout on the St. Marys River with OOD Editor/Associate Publisher Ray Blades.

Tips for catching more rainbows

Steelhead fishing is a great teacher. Good observation and an open mind will help you fill your bag of tricks along the journey.

Appreciating rubber worms

It’s truly amazing just how many different species of fish will eat rubber worm, from largemouth bass to steelhead to pike and panfish.

The joy of spring

To most anglers, spring is the best time of the year. The air is fresh, the rivers are flowing, and fish are on the move.

Just bead it

The bead is one of the simplest, cheapest, and most effective fishing accessories you can own.

10 great trout lures

No trout vest or tackle pack is complete without a selection of proven hardware. The following 10 categories are the gold that we separate from all the glitter.

A different kind of conservation tradition

The first conservation-oriented fundraising dinner this columnist ever took part in was over 30 years ago, in my hometown of Thunder Bay. It was one of the very first dinner auctions put on by the North Shore Steelhead Association…

In praise of hip waders

To some anglers, hip waders are the ugly stepsister of chest waders, but to me, they’re the workhorses of the family.

The origins of the banana bait

Old-school charm seductive for walleye

Spin or pin?

The first time I saw a centrepin, I thought it was a fly reel. Only when I watched the angler’s method of casting a float did I realize it was different.

Closer to the outdoors

When we look in the rearview mirror at this moment, it will be with the knowledge that despite the losses, it brought us closer together.

2014 gear guide: fly fishing

Rods, reels, and lines are in fine form.

Keeping track

For an angler and/or hunter, a journal or diary can provide a lot of important information. Read about old and new ways to keep an outdoors diary.

Going custom

For most anglers, a factory-made rod is the best choice. But for those who want something specialized and different, there are custom rods.

Top-notch fishing on Lake Erie

The shallowest of the Great Lakes, Erie, is also the most productive; during a good walleye hatch, some basins are top producers.

A goodbye to my favourite waders

I’ve been realizing that a long-time part of my steelhead fishing life is about to be retired. My favourite waders have finally passed their best before date.

Sight fishing 101

Highly visible fish are often wary; let’s look at sight fishing and how it differs between lakes and rivers.

Reflecting on 30 years at OOD

“It’s been an honour to write for OOD readers all these years,” Senior Editor Gord Ellis writes. “I plan to be here for your grandkids, too.”

When to use scented baits

Bait perfume has a scent-sational history.

Uncovering Lake Superior’s monster pike

Lake Superior is the largest freshwater lake in the world by area, and is amongst the world’s coldest and deepest lakes. This is both good and bad for pike…

DIY: flies for rainbow trout

Two great options for steelheading Ontario’s West Coast.

Photo Friday – December 6

He caught this steelhead when he “wasn’t paying attention.”

Photo Friday – January 24

Ten-pound steelhead anyone?

IFTD – new and exciting gear for anglers

It looks like we’re going to need a bigger tackle box

Photo Friday Winner – December 11

Fishing steelhead on the might Maitland with friends

Of desperation and luck

I’m not the kind of outdoorsman who plans on luck, but I have hunted and fished for long enough to know that if you don’t have any, you are well…out of luck.

Fishing as therapy

Fishing has always been a great source of pleasure to me. However, it’s only been as an adult that I’ve realized the power of fishing therapy.

Finding Superior whitefish

Whitefish on Lake Superior are a great ice fishing pur­suit. They’re plentiful, grow big, and are one of the best-eating fishes you’ll find.

Prepare for rainy day fishing

For nearly as long as I can recall, people have been saying fishing is better in the rain. After many decades of being caught out in the wet stuff for all manner of species, I tend to agree. Something about the disturbed surface of the water, and the change in barometric pressure, can be a trigger.

Understanding river flow

If you can properly read and understand the water of a river or stream, you are going to have a distinct advantage.

Dock fishing 101

Docks are a wonderful place to fish, whether you are a seasoned angler or brand new to the pursuit, providing many cherished memories.

Demiesha Dennis on enriching outdoor narratives

Demiesha Dennis is more than a passionate angler, having founded a community dedicated to everyone enjoying the outdoors. And it’s thriving.

Pandemic book club

For World Book Day we called on some of our contributors to recommend their top five fishing and/or hunting books to share with our readers.

2014 fishing gear guide: rods

Grips, guides, and good ol’ technique-specific sticks dominate.

Photo Friday Winner – December 9, 2016

Congratulations to our Photo Friday winner this week, Dean Lapham of Sault Ste Marie!

Fly fishing in Kyuquot Sound ‘a life-altering experience’

Cohos, bears, and natural beauty on the wild west coast

Getting behind the #keepemwet campaign

All fish species face a common hurdle to survival when caught

Tackling trout with a split-shot rig and plastic worm

Effective technique for wary trout

Photo Friday – April 25

Catching rainbows on a spring day.

A Grand drift

Checking out the challenging bass and trout fishing of a great river.

Photo Friday – January 17

Beautiful, beautiful, brown trout.

Top fishing stories of 2013

A rundown of the most popular fishing articles in 2013.

Photo Friday Winner – March 31, 2017

Congratulations to our Photo Friday winner Sam Nicholson of Dundas!

Get more trout and salmon action

It’s opening day of trout season, the last Saturday in April, on Ontario’s tributaries. For the first time in over 40 years, I’m not on a river, but I am fishing, from a boat, only a few hundred yards out from Jordan Harbour on western Lake Ontario….

Spoons for Great Lakes salmon and trout

Over the years, spoons have continued to be the top lure for Great Lakes salmon and trout. But which type of spoon is best?

Barbless benefits

Barbless is the way to go for beginners practicing casting and learning proper fish handling and hook removal techniques.

Feds invest in Thunder Bay’s water quality

A significant federal government investment meant to restore water quality and ecosystem health in the Thunder Bay area was announced on Oct. 10.

The Skagit casting revolution

Ray Blades talks Tom Larimer demystifing Skagit casting in his video Skagit Revolution…

Gord Ellis to be inducted into Fishing Hall of Fame

Ontario OUT of DOORS (OOD) Senior Editor Gord Ellis recently learned he is going to be one of the latest inductees into the Fresh Water Fishing Hall of Fame in Hayward, Wisconsin.

New fly-fishing books for 2017

In the digital age, the written word still matters. As a big fan of print, I was happy to see several new books on varying subjects hit the shelves in 2017. Here are a few new titles worth a read.

Targeting those Algoma bass

Drive-to northern Ontario smallmouth and largemouth bass fishing in Algoma district with Travel Editor James Smedley.

Oddball colours that seal the muskie deal

It seems there’s no end to the colour combinations we’re presenting to muskie these days, and no reason to think that will change any time soon…

Thornbury dam failure causes fish kill

A power outage on September 29 that affected the Town of Blue Mountain for seven to eight hours was also responsible for a major failure at the Thornbury dam on the Beaver River. It caused a malfunction, which…

Ice Fishing

No matter the species, Ontario OUT of DOORS experts have ice fishing tips and trick to share, from panfish to steelhead to walleye, and more.

The cutover

Recently, as I tromped through a large cutover area northwest of Thunder Bay, I had a revelation…So many of my hunting memories are tied with cuts there’s likely enough stuff for a book…

Anti-depressants in Niagara River fish

A recent study found Niagara River fish are absorbing anti-depressants from sewage discharge. Other research determined this isn’t a good thing.

OOD pros’ fishing boats

Seven Ontario OUT of DOORS contributors, editors and tournament anglers talk about their fishing rigs and why they love them so much.

Keeping watch with Ontario’s COs

A Conservation officer takes OOD Senior Editor Gord Ellis along for the ride as he works a shift in northwestern Ontario.

Choosing the right fly rod

When I tried to buy my first fly rod, the salesperson bombarded me with jargon about rod weight and length, line types, leader taper, tippet material, and casting techniques.

Multi-species angling offers variety

While some anglers spend a good portion of the year waiting to target a specific species during a certain season, many anglers are constantly on the go, never relenting in their pursuit of fish, regardless of the species or time of year.

Different fishing styles have time and place

We all know anglers who fish the same waters religiously and consistently catch big fish.