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following the feed throughout the season
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Following moose diet through the seasons

It’s amazing moose can fuel themselves eating only leaves, twigs, and other vegetation, especially in the dead of winter.

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The seasons of hunting

Many people track the year by the vacations or holidays they take. As a hunter, I track each year by the passage of the seasons.

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Pros offer 98 ice fishing tips, tricks, and tidbits

Here are a collection of truths, shortcuts, tactical tips, and lessons learned from first and second-hand ice fishing experience.

a snowcovered snowproofed blind
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DIY: snowproofing your blind

DIY blind snowproofing – a quick pre-season project that prevents blind damage, and avoids the expense of a replacement blind.

a green ice hut on a lake
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Ice hut removal dates loom

With the end of ice fishing season drawing near, the Ontario Conservation Officers Association (OCOA) is reminding anglers to plan to remove their ice huts.

Fall lake
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More “legitimate” fall expected

While he expects a milder, more “legitimate” fall compared to last autumn, David Phillips says predicting what kind of winter is around the corner is a tough call.

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Keep your ice action hot during the deep-freeze

Mobility, gear performance, and fish activity levels are all impacted by frigid conditions. Want to keep your ice game hot when the mercury really drops this winter? Try these tips.

winter fly tying
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A season for pressure-free fly tying

An opportunity to replenish your boxes for the season ahead

turkey follow
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Tips for hunting a late spring

What to expect in the turkey woods when winter’s barely left