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Fishing Annual 2023 feat
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Fishing Annual 2023 available digitally

OOD’s Fishing Annual 2023 is now available digitally. Read yours today for the latest hunting, fishing, and outdoors content.

Big Game
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Examining deer in a landscape of fear

Dr. Keith Munro’s thesis was designed to examine if deer behaviour in the landscape of fear could be used to manage deer more efficiently.

Lost in the northern wilderness
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Lost in the northern wilderness

Fishing trips are usually about the biggest fish or the one that got away. For these two anglers, it’s the story of getting home again.

dog in water
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Introducing young dogs to water

Help your retriever discover the joy of swimming without force and they will begin to churn water like a paddle wheeler to fetch your ducks.

winter fish behaviour scene
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Winter Grab looks at Great Lakes health

Three Canadian universities were part of Winter Grab – a unique binational effort looking at Great Lakes health during February.

Professor Paul Craig looks at fish in a tank at the new WATER facility
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Putting the WATER in Waterloo

The University of Waterloo opened a new $5.2 million facility to study the impact of climate change on fish and aquatic organisms.

Hunting Moose Near Water
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Lead a moose to water

Learn how to call, track, and locate moose using Ontario’s water-rich environments with a variety of water-based strategies.

turkey zone map
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Tactics for turkey town

We asked three seasoned Ontario turkey hunters to share their best advice for the 2019 season. Here’s what they had to say.