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Great Lakes ice walleye
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Lack of Great Lakes ice could affect spawning

A warmer-than-normal winter has resulted in less ice cover on the Great Lakes, which could have an impact on fish spawning.

lake trout
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Lakers spawning in Lake Erie after 60 years

The discovery of wild lake trout fry in mid-May by New York State’s Department of Environmental Conservation (DEC) was confirmed in a press release.

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Crazy for Lake Ontario coho

When I tell other anglers on Lake Ontario that I’m targeting coho salmon, the usual reaction is disbelief.

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Explaining the science behind the FMZ 20 bass season expansion

Science and public sentiment often clash when it comes to spring bass fishing, particularly on when the fish spawn.

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Target river staging areas for spring steelhead

Fishing lower-river staging areas in early spring is where you can find pre-spawning steelhead looking for a tasty snack.

grass carp looming under lily pads
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Lake Ontario grass carp of captive origins, study finds

A study released last year confirmed that captured Asian grass carp caught in Ontario were of captive, rather than wild origins.