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Luigi de Rose and high-water bass
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Fishing high-water bass

Fishing during a flood wasn’t as easy as I expected. Finding the most productive bass areas is the key to a good day on the water.

flashed up swimbait for smallmouth
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Customizing paddle tails

Although effective right out of the package, learning how to modify swimbaits is well worth the effort.

Gord Ellis with a big brookie caught fly fishing in a downpour G Ellis photo
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Prepare for rainy day fishing

For nearly as long as I can recall, people have been saying fishing is better in the rain. After many decades of being caught out in the wet stuff for all manner of species, I tend to agree. Something about the disturbed surface of the water, and the change in barometric pressure, can be a trigger.

smallmouth record - two men with trophy bass
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Breaking the smallmouth record

Conditions lined up perfectly; in the minds of competitive bass anglers, this tournament is about breaking records.