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Changes have come slowly

Major changes have come slowly in the hunting rifle industry. But the refinements, they have been amazing.

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Getting lucky breaks

The ones that got away can dominate conversations about angling and hunting. But, there are also times when you catch a break.

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2021 Hunter Survey results

The 2021 Hunter Survey drew hundreds of participants back in October, and the results are here. Keep your eyes open for our next campaign.

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What’s the deal with short magnums?

Magnum cartridges are simply big cartridges with more powder. Bullets are often the same that are used with regular brass. Hunters like magnums for their extra knock-down, killing power.

SHOT Show 2018 Highlights
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SHOT Show 2018: best in show

The SHOT Show was held again in January in Las Vegas. Managing Editor Ray Blades was in attendance to bring you back the latest and greatest new products from the hunting industry. Here are some of his new gear highlights.

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Review: Four hunting rifles under $1000

We’ve got the stats on four hunting files under $1000

Remington New Products
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Remington Shows Off New Products

Some new guns, some retiring ones, and a video demo.

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Tips for rifled slug-gun accuracy

When was the last time you checked your rifled shotgun for accuracy?

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Making Point of Aim Your Point of Impact

Ever wondered why you can have your crosshairs perfectly on the target but still get shots to the left or right of your aiming mark?