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How to hunt cormorants, featuring a roost filled with waterfowl, overlooking some water
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How to hunt cormorants

Ontario’s new cormorant hunt is welcome news to anglers, hunters, and recreational boaters, as well as shoreline property owners.

ganaraska river covid 19
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Port Hope closes Ganaraska access, trails before salmon migration

After seeking public input on two options for closing access to the Ganaraska River, the Municipality of Port Hope has chosen to close all municipal access and trails along the river.

Goose peeking from cover
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New goose regulations

Goose hunters in WMUs 65 and 94 should be aware of changes in bag limits during the upcoming 2020-2021 season.

follow - birds flying in a v shape
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Follow the Birds: Ontario’s Flyways

For millennia, generation after generation of birds have followed the same routes for hundreds, sometimes thousands, of miles from breeding grounds to wintering areas in the fall. And the journey is repeated again in spring. Scientists have never completely solved this mystery of nature. The belief, though, is that geographic landmarks, magnetic fields, and the […]