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whitetail by a roadway
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Wildlife collisions costly

About 12,000 deer and wildlife vehicle collisions occur annually in Ontario, resulting in approximately 400 human injuries.

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Drawing whitetails with sound

Whitetails can out-hear, out-smell, and outrun you. Use these tips to bring in bucks during all phases of the rut.

Whitetail Buck
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Ask a CO: If a buck sheds its antlers in mid-to-late December, is it considered antlerless?

This reader asks for clarification as to how antlered deer versus antlerless deer are classified in December.

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Trail cameras 101

Photography is an ever-evolving art form, and trail cameras are no exception. Here are a few tips and tricks to consider.

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Changes coming to controlled deer hunt

Earlier draw results availability is one of several changes coming to Ontario’s controlled deer hunt in 2023.

Nov.-Dec. 2022 cover issue FEAT
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Nov.-Dec. 2022 digital issue available

OOD’s Nov.-Dec. 2022 enhanced digital edition is now available. Read yours today for the latest hunting, fishing, and outdoors content.

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November 2022 solunar calendar

The November 2022 solunar calendar is now available! Get the dates and times when fish and wildlife will be most active this month.

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Ask a CO: Am I permitted to keep an arrow in my quiver for small game during bows-only deer season?

Am I permitted to keep arrows in my quiver with a small-game point during bows-only deer season? I don’t want to waste a broadhead.