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Outdoorsmen with physical disabilities

Hunters and anglers frequently deal with tough conditions. For those with serious disabilities, tough conditions reach a whole other level.

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Deer yards: how the landscape aids winter survival

Year-round, I have deer in my yard, but my yard isn’t a deer yard. A “deer yard” is an area where deer concentrate during the winter months.

hunter looking down at his shotgun while sitting on a watch
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Never too late to try something new

Taking part in his first deer hunt as a licenced hunter provided a nostalgic moment for Jason Bain of Ontario OUT of DOORS.

a buck pursues a doe
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Following bucks through the seasons

Whitetail bucks cover a lot of ground during the year, and even throughout a hunt. Here’s how to follow bucks as their desires change.

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Eastern Ontario home to savvy, senior deer

You don’t have to convince James Mackenzie that white-tailed deer in eastern Ontario are getting wiser.

dog in the woods
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Ask a CO: What can we do about these dogs?

A Conservation Officer explains how hunting dogs must remain under the hunter’s control and the rules regarding dogs on private property.

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Venison carpaccio with fried capers and citrus oil

These thin slices of lightly seared venison loin rolled in fresh herbs and drizzled with a delicious combination of cream and oil will delight the taste buds.

bowhunter approaching downed whitetail buck
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Taking an animal’s life is no small thing

My hands trembled imperceptibly. My heartbeat sounded something like a ruffed grouse drumming on a distant log. My knees were more than a little shaky, too. I am always like that after the shot.

record book bucks
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Looking for a record-book buck

Hunting is not always about spectacular wallhanging racks … but, sometimes it is, Don Sangster wrote in our 2015 Hunting Annual.