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Great ways to grow a waterfowling partnership

When the precipitous decline in numbers of waterfowl hunters became recognized almost three decades ago, conservation organizations stepped up to develop hunter recruitment programs.

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Making a case for waterfowling simplicity

Less often turns out to be more in waterfowling. Present day snow goose field-hunting rigs fall just short of an amusement park in terms of size, set-up, and complexity.

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Tactics for turkey town

We asked three seasoned Ontario turkey hunters to share their best advice for the 2019 season. Here’s what they had to say.

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DIY: Decoy hacks

These tips will lengthen the life of your decoys, add realism, and give you more bang for your buck, contributor Scott McGuigan wrote in the 2018-2019 Hunting Annual.

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Carving your own duck decoys

Capture liveliness through form and movement

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Q&A: Are motion decoys legal to use for turkey hunting in Ontario?

OOD readers would like to know the legality of using wireless, electronic turkey motion decoys. Are these decoys legal to use for turkey hunting in Ontario?