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late season turkey
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Top three calls for late-spring toms

We were set up by 5:05 a.m. Brandon barely finished his first strike on the slate call when the tom sounded off, loudly, not even 60-yards away.

rattle - Hunter rattling antlers
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When to rattle, call, and do nothing at all

Ontario whitetail-deer hunters often struggle to perfect these skills.

calling mallards and black ducks
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Calling All Mallards

Nothing is more satisfying in duck hunting than responsive birds. You turn them, they circle several times, but your sweet music brings them back to finish on set wings over the decoys.

wild turkey wmus - turkey hunt - afternoon tactics - turkey in field
Wild Turkey
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Afternoon Tactics for Turkeys

There are many good reasons to hunt spring gobblers in the afternoon. Perhaps you slept in or the weather was too bad to get out in the morning. It might be that you’re still at work until late in the day. Or perhaps you’ve learned a few secrets and prefer to hunt after mid-day. I […]