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New pleasure craft licence needed in northern Lake St. Clair

Boaters and anglers require a pleasure craft licence from Walpole Island First Nations (WIFN) as of June 1, if they want to stop in the south end of the St. Clair River.

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Different fishing styles have time and place

We all know anglers who fish the same waters religiously and consistently catch big fish.

common carp
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New carp regulations a go

New fishing regulations announced February 24 should help anglers who enjoy Ontario’s excellent carp fishery.

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MNRF Fishing survey returns

Approximately 32,000 anglers and a sample of seniors across Ontario were asked to complete the Survey of Recreational Fishing in Ontario sent out on Jan. 12.

docks fishing
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Minor fishing reg changes in 2021

The most significant regulation change Ontario anglers can expect in 2021 will affect Lake Ontario bass fishing.

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Licence refund requests on the rise

Requests from American anglers and hunters seeking refunds or extensions for purchased hunting and fishing licences are on the rise.

a fallen, forgotten take-out cup embedded in leaves
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Slobs cause Quinte Conservation to charge parking fees

Quinte Conservation (QC) has resumed charging for parking to offset burgeoning cleanup costs.

Lake Ontario under review for water levels
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Some relief from record high Great Lakes levels

Boaters and anglers are seeing some relief from the record high lake levels that plagued the Great Lakes over the last two years.

Syncrude reclaimed mine site
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Responsible stewardship of the Canadian environment

The responsible stewardship of our country’s natural environment is a truly Canadian priority as we treasure our outdoor experiences.