Silence your box

by Tom Armstrong | May 18, 2023
Silence your box

A box call can produce a lot of wonderful turkey calls, and unwanted ones in your pocket ― an unnatural squeaking or screeching that can be a deal breaker. Box calls make noise inadvertently in a pocket or vest while you’re moving.

Many vests have specially designed pockets to house box calls and keep them contained, but they can still produce noise. This is something you obviously want to avoid when sneaking close to the roost on a dark, still morning, or when making a move on a bird.

A simple fix to silence box calls is to take a thin piece of cloth, or paper towel, and lay it between the lid and the box itself. Then take a heavy elastic or two and wrap it around the box call to secure it. The elastic keeps the lid down and the cloth in place. The cloth or paper towel stops the contact that creates the noise. This easy fix makes your box call totally silent so you can close the distance on that tom.

Deer box calls

When considering what other calls may be problematic, deer calls are the only ones that come to mind. Most manufacturers have created systems to keep calls quiet when you are not using them.

Doe bleats at times can make noise, but most either have a cap on top or require you to plug a hole on the bottom with your finger when you turn them over to call, limiting accidental noises. Ensure any covers are on and keep these tucked away in a pack in transit can help avoid any accidents.

Rattle bags usually have elastics built in, so make sure these are wrapped tightly so they don’t rattle around in your pack. Or, you can add an additional heavy elastic to keep them wrapped tight.

Using real antlers for rattling can be a little more challenging to carry silently. I’ve found the best way is to tie one antler to each side of your pack, keeping them secure and away from each other so they aren’t knocking while you’re moving.

Originally published in the May 2022 issue of Ontario OUT of DOORS

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